Urgent trade help!

I’m in a unique 12 team dynasty league with standard scoring that starts 1 qb, 2 rb’s, 4 wr/te, 1 k and 1 day. Currently I’m 6-0 with a roster of:

QB. P mahomes, a luck
Rb . T gurley, a. Collins, m. Breida, d Lewis, duke Johnson and d foreman.
Wr a. Green, r woods, t boyd, k golladay, c davis, k coutee, g allison, and t hilton.

Right now I have a trade on the table with an 0-6 team giving up breida and boyd while bringing in leveon bell and Kenyon drake. Just need some reassurance that I’m not going to screw myself if bell continues his holdout. 2 current top 15 positional players for drake alone would be awful…

I would do that you need a little help at RB and Boyd is the one i would trade first to get a RB

Bell comes on you will be sitting pretty end of year but that is a big maybe. Boyd imo is your 2nd best WR. Unless we get Bell news soon there is too much “what if’s” for my taste. With that being said it’s a gamble that can pay off. Breida is going to get injured eventually keeping him out, Allison coming back will be a solid WR2. The biggest reason why I would say take it is bc it’s a dynasty league. Otherwise I would hold off. It can pay off this year, you have the depth to cover for who you give away and the upgrades for the following year are huge.

I think golladay is your ace and plus you already have aj green you can afford boyd

I would do that deal since you have both cin wr, I would maybe see if he would do it for Colin’s instead of Breida, Breida has looked good in games having Gurley / Breida / bell seems a bit better depth wise to me

I think Collins has more long term upside and breida’s near miss injury history scares me.