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URGENT: trade i was offered for #1 overall in a redraft


Full PPR 12-team redraft league

I was offered this trade:

I get:
1st round pick (1.9)
Rights to shady mccoy (2.4)

They get:
#1 overall (DJ or bell)
3rd round pick (3.11)

I have rights to mike evans at (2.5) as well.

My thinking is I can have a Devonta Freeman at (1.9) Shady at (2.4) and Mike Evans at (2.5) to start my team. Is it worth giving up a DJ?.

Let me know your thoughts!


It depends. DJ can get 1500 yards on the ground, plus 80-90 catches.

He can be the RB1 and the WR20 with ONE PLAYER.

Shady is great, but I worry about the injuries and his body breaking down.


Tell them to take away the 3rd round pick and i do it.


I tried that, he didnt buy into it haha. I really like gauranteeing myself 2 backs with shady and pick 1.9 instead of taking the chance to land a gamble at like a crowell or mccaffrey if they even fall to 3.11


if i get them to take my 4th would you definitely do it?


So you can have dj, Mike Evans, plus what if you don’t do the trade. I’m scared of Mike evans regression this year. That being said it sounds like no matter what your team is looking strong! Nice work.


Honestly it is good either way. A 4th would be better. But think about it, you either get dj, or you get more early round players. It’s good for you no matter what you do. I just don’t give up dj easy. Solid depth is important though… So for a 4th yeah I think I do it.


so as it stands with keeping first pick, I would have DJ, Evans(in the 2nd), and then its a gamble for whoever falls to pick (3.11) im scared none of the 3rd tier backs (crowell, lynch, mccaffrey) will fall in my draft. My strategy is to stack up on backs in the first few rounds if i can get studs.

If i make this trade. I get 1 of 3 players at pick (1.09) Aj Green, Freeman, or Gordon to pair with Evans and Shady both in the 2nd round. While that will leave me with most likely no 3rd round pick unless i talk them into taking my 4th.


I would do that in a heartbeat. DJ is absolutely 1.01, and there’s a big gap to #2 for me, but Evans in the 2nd is a steal, and I’d rather have 2 of the top 5 RBs than the #1 (injuries, etc are a fact of life. The more studs you have, the better your chances of surviving them). Just my $.02.


For those of you scared of Evans’ regression this year, don’t be. He did what he did last year with no other threats on the offense. You see that born out in his insane lack of YAC. He’s never going to be a huge YAC guy, but if the added weapons can take some pressure off (and lets face it, that’s what DJax does for a living), Evans will be all that much better. He’s always a threat for double digit TDs, and he’s only 23 (i.e. there’s room to get better).


i also see potential for Evans to match those numbers with the added weapons the Bucs have added. Anyway I got him in the 2nd round I couldnt pass up the value.

Any more opinions?? this is a big deal trading pick 1.01 I would love some more Input


It’s definitely a big deal, but you’re effectively getting Freeman, or similar with your 3rd round pick. For your trsde partner to recoupe that value, DJ essentially has to match, or improve upon last year’s performance (or he needs a huge win at the end of the 3rd round - and consider who’s available there: Crowell, Mixon, CMC, Montgomery. All have considerable questions). I find it far more likey that Shady and Freeman are more valuable together than DJ and a late 3rd rounder. This isn’t that hard of a decision to me. I’d take the trade an run.


Curious if any of the usual 1st round picks this year are being kept by someone @ a lower pick. If so, it may affect who is there @ 1-9.


Shady and Mike Evans both in the 2nd. Only other player who would get drafted in the top 2 rounds would be Mike Thomas as an 8th round keeper.