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Urgent Waiver Question


Gore and Kelley on waiver which would you grab?? Standard.
My other RBs are Murray, Darkwa, Kamara.

Follow up question:

  • should I drop any of my RBs to try and get BOTH Gore and Kelley?



I’d pick up Kelley over darkwa I think. Something tells me kamara is a keeper, but I shouldn’t have my opinions noted as I don’t really know what I’m talking about :joy::joy:


Thing with Kelley is that he will more than likely become the RB1


I’d say Kelley, gore, darkwa, kamara then Murray. But gore is against Jax this wk

If you’re thinking long term, maybe gore and kamara and then Murray


So you’re saying drop Darkwa to add both Gore and Kelley? (I have one open bench spot)


buuuuuurp good luck p…perse!


Keep darkwa and take Kelley