Urgent Waiver Question

Gore and Kelley on waiver which would you grab?? Standard.
My other RBs are Murray, Darkwa, Kamara.

Follow up question:

  • should I drop any of my RBs to try and get BOTH Gore and Kelley?


I’d pick up Kelley over darkwa I think. Something tells me kamara is a keeper, but I shouldn’t have my opinions noted as I don’t really know what I’m talking about :joy::joy:


Thing with Kelley is that he will more than likely become the RB1

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I’d say Kelley, gore, darkwa, kamara then Murray. But gore is against Jax this wk

If you’re thinking long term, maybe gore and kamara and then Murray

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So you’re saying drop Darkwa to add both Gore and Kelley? (I have one open bench spot)

buuuuuurp good luck p…perse!

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Keep darkwa and take Kelley