Urgent Week 12 Waiver Wire HELP!

Who Should i pick up. DJ Moore, Trequan Smith or Josh Reynolds
im 7-4 Full PPR

my team currently
Matt Ryan
RBS: Kamara, Arron Jones, Nick Chubb, Ito Smith
WRS: AJ Green, Baldwin, Marvin Jones, Ridley, Cooper, John Brown, Sutton, Anothny Miller
TE: Engram

we can only have 8 WRs i would need to drop one WR if i pick up 1 from waiver wire.

Is Gus or Adams on your waiver?

yes they both are there

Need to be your priority one to add Gus and drop Ito. May even drop a WR for Adams, too. As crazy as it may sound, of your WRs, I’d drop Brown. His value is non existent with Jackson at QB. Baldwin May be second although he looked better Sunday. I’d rather have any of those thre options to Brown, Baldwin or Ito honestly. But you could benefit more by adding solid RB talent than WR.

Do you think i should start gus then? I was thinking starting chubb as my flex and arron jones along with kamara in my RB spots then have 2 Wr spots open.

No way you can start Gus over Chubb. But he is a massive upgrade from Ito if you ever need that RB slot down the stretch.

Of the WRs I personally love all three. Matter of fact I’m torn over who to prioritize among them myself.

I have MT so torn over that should increase or decrease Smith’s value to me. I’m leaning decrease as I’ll never play them together, so it’s a handcuff and that’s just silly with WRs.

Reynolds looks great and is in a great offense, but he’s 4th option at best. Last night was an anomaly as they may not have another shootout like that until the super bowl.

DJ May actually be my favorite. Explosive and is emerging as a great QBs number 1 guy. Also has a juicy fantasy playoff schedule.

Agree with what you’re saying. but who to drop for DJ moore i like him more than the other 2 wrs. Brown has been a big disappointment recently even with flacco.

It will def decrease as i think that his volume from last week is just a one game type of thing. he will probably stick with 3-4 targets. Just has a nice match up against the falcons this week

Gun to head I’d do two moves if I were you:

P1: Drop Brown for Moore
P2: Drop Ito for Gus

With Gus being a pick-up does collins become droppable for Gus or Adams?

AJ Green : how’s his health? Hopefully he’s still your consistent WR1 ROS
Baldwin : Seattle’s offense are improving every game, he’s doing better each week
MJJ : Isn’t he dealing with injury and potentially out this week? Worried about his production with Kenny G doing well
Ridley : Solid WR3
Cooper : Solid WR2/3 depending on Dak
Brown : I would drop him because of the inconsistencies at QB right now
Sutton : Solid player, should be a WR2/3
Miller : As long as Trubisky is healthy, he’s also a good WR3

I would drop Brown and rank the pick ups: DJ Moore > Smith > Reynolds. Moore has more opportunities to be that #1 target. Smith is gaining trust with Brees but #2 on that team at best. Reynolds is on a high powered offense but again #2 or #3 on HIS offense at best.

Colin’s is never going to give you any kind of ceiling. I’ve never wanted him on roster. Gus May flame out but he has a real and apparent ceiling with Jackson at QB. They like him. They’re going to run a lot. I think he is a great add.

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Actually digging down to the numbers his stats are super misleading. Rich mans Derrick Henry pretty much.

Edwards or Adams, who would you prioritize?

It’s close but I’d take Edwards.

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