Urget, too many injuries/outs

All my WR’s are either out or injured for this week .
For my RB i have Chubb, Gurley, Dobbins, Swift, and Akers

I only have Fuller, Djax, and Gage that are active

SHould i Drop Akers to pick up Slayton? (someone just dropped him)


oof went with 3 rookies huh? Yeah just because of his injury i think Akers is the drop candidate, and Slayton is definitely a better option than all of those receivers. I’d roll out Slayton and either Djax or Gage for wr2. Djax has a good matchup against cinci this week, needs to be a get-right game for the Eagles.

Just be aware after you drop him Akers will likely get picked up and stashed by someone else, i know i would.

I would drop swift. Currently, he is injured and in a triple-split backfield. I trust non of Det RBs right now.

Slayton will be a good pick up. He has a good repoire with Jones and I believe will see an increase in targets, since Shepard is now out.

I would start Gage as well. Atl is going to have a lot of passing volume. Juilo is banged up and possibly may not start this week, which in turn sky rockets Gage to starter status. I believe he is a solid WR2, possible WR1 upside, if Julio doesnt play or a mid to low WR2 if Julio does play.

Or maybe drop Djax? what does the footclan think

swift is injured? O.o

Hopefully one of the Rookies will take over the backfield >.< Out of the 3, seems like swift has the best chance

I just checked. He is not injured, but I still wouldnt touch any Det RBs.

I would not drop D Jax. Reagor just went down with a thumb injury, so D Jax is practically the only healthy WR they have.

What is your starting lineup requirement?

If you are weak at WR, don’t think dropping DeSean Jackson is an option.