Use#1 Waiver Priority on DEFENSE?!?!? yay or nay

Time sensitive!

I have the number 1 priority, and some guy dropped the ravens defense.
12 man double flex so the waiver wire is pretty dry.

Is it ok to use up the Number 1 waiver for the ravens defense?

my depth is pretty good? right now im rocking the chiefs defense.

I’d probably hold the number 1. Chiefs I think will be fine and Ravens over course of season will be marginally better on a week to week ppg basis.

But I’m a guy that trusts streaming so take that for what it’s worth.

Yea i would usually agree with you. im the stream defense kind of guy also, but that relief of set it and forget it is nice. especially last year if you had the patriots.

Nahh not worth it go block someone who needs something for a good trade option

LOL alright yall convinced me. I wont burn my waiver. stream ftw.