Use #1 waiver priority on Gallman or package a trade?

Half ppr league, 1 point for all first downs. We start 1 qb 3 wr, 2 rb , 1 te 2 flex, kicker, defense. I’m nervous about Carson for at least another week, maybe more. I’m looking for a more reliable rb1.

My rbs are Carson, Penny, Jacobs, Breida, Justin Jackson.

My wrs are Adams, Hopkins, Kupp, Kirk, McLaurin, Hardman.

Tes Engram and Waller.

Should I make a package trade or use the#1 priority on someone like Gallman, Pollard, or Darrel Williams?

I’m just nervous about that Giants defense though, and starting Gallman and Engram in my starting lineup may not be the best idea either.

What do you all think? Thanks!

The only thing I could see you doing is moving that TE surplus you’ve got. But I wouldn’t do it. If you’ve only got one strong TE, the streaming hell is just one injury away.

Gallman’s not a very good football player. You’ve got the very best part of the Giants’ offense when ‘Quon isn’t playing. You’re right to be nervous about the Giants’ D. They’ll keep their opponents in every game or WAY ahead.

Be patient with Carson (you’ve got his cuff in the unlikely event that he loses the job, anyway) and stick with what you’ve got.

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What would it take to get someone like Kamara or Elliott with what I have? I prefer Kamara though. The guy that has Kamara, his only te is Kittle who is on a bye next week. But yeah, I like having 2 reliable tes. @saturnismine

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Good question. I think depending on the Kamara owner’s roster, he could be interested in Adams and maybe Breida or Waller. But I’d start the conversation by proposing a straight up trade: Adams for Kamara. If he turns you down, THEN sweeten the pot.

You’ve got mega capital at WR.

But be careful. Kamara had a great week 3, but with Bridgewater at the helm instead of Brees, there are going to be weeks like last week where it was really tough sledding for Kamara.

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Yeah, he is kind of weak at wr too. His best wrs are probably Woods and Moore. If he trades Kamara, he’s kind of weak at rb after that too.

I asked him if he would do Adams for Kamara straight up. But if not, which rb should I package Adams with?

@saturnismine I thought of something, does this make sense though? Trade Carson and Adams to the Barkley owner for Barkley and Keenan Allen? And use the #1 waiver on Gallman?

No one in their right mind will do Adams for Kamara. Kamara just put up 30+ points and Adams has had 1 decent week and 2 bad weeks this year (I know because I have him in a couple of leagues). I would probably want Hopkins and another solid player for Kamara.

@saturnismine he said no to Keenan. He has Watkins, should I offer Adams and Carson for Watkins and Barkley?

@saturnismine he said he’ll do Carson and Adams for Barkley and Watkins, should I do that?

I would not do that.
Tyreek will be back someday.
Then you traded away an elite wr for a wr2.
Barkley is an upgrade but he could miss 4-8 weeks.
I dont like this trade.

Sorry I’ve been away from this thread. I had a lot on my plate at work.

I wouldn’t take the Watkins / Barkley combo for Carson / Adams.

You’re giving him underperforming guys with better days ahead for a hurt guy and an inconsistent guy who’s surrounded by studs.

Explain this to him.

Hold strong. If the talks break down, you’re better off than he is, and than you would be if you accepted that offer.