Using commish powers vetoing a trade

All right. In my league I have to approve the trades. I’m getting some heat from the guys to veto this trade. The guy is trading away bell for ertz. The guy who has/had bell actually has still some solid rbs (howard,kerryon,Freeman). Do I allow it???

No you can’t if bell doesn’t play 10 games then it’s a value for the ertz side

Allow it or get bodied

Yes allow it… Unless there is collusion you have to let owners manage there teams how they see fit. One side believes bell is sitting out 10 weeks… The other believes he will be back before then.

Thanks guys. I agree with it all. I thought I had it that trades go through must not have changed it. Im more on the side bell is sitting for awhile.

There’s nothing worse than vetoing trades, aside from clear and obvious collision. I failed this year to sway everyone in my main league to get rid of them, the first trade I made caused uproar because a load of guys deemed it wildly unfair in my favour. It was Conner to the Bell owner for Hogan and Mixon pre week 1 so they were wrong. Point is even the dumbest of trades have to be allowed, people run their teams how they want no vetos no oppinions for other owners are needed or wanted. You can’t fully judge a trade until weeks after or seasons end, if both sides agree then they have to be allowed to go through

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