Using my Wavier priority on A.Peterson or M.Brown?

So i have the top waiver claim in my league
12 team full point PPR

QB: Geoff , J.Allan
RB: Montgomery, Brida, Michel
WR: M.Thomas, Ridley, E.Sanders,C.Samuels,
TE: T.Kelce

The 2 players that are available was thinking is A.Peterson or M.Brown. Who would you it on? I could go WR as well, but would be better to use it on a RB

I wouldn’t waste it on either. I think Thompson is better in full point than either of them.

If you have to decide between them I think you grab Malcolm Brown.

I would take Brown. The Skin’s o-line is terrible. Rams are a better team. And who knows, Gurley may sit out some games this season.