Using taxi squads on Sleeper

We’ve got a new dynasty league and have completed our start up draft. Our draft was 28 rounds, but before the season we need to move 4 players to the taxi squad.

How does the taxi squad work? If someone wants to claim a player from someone’s taxi squad, what’s the procedure? Is there a certain amount of time that a player has to either move that taxi squad player to his roster or lose him? I think people are afraid that they won’t be able to protect their taxi squad players from poaching.

Thanks for any help on this question!

I might not be 100% on this, but I feel high 90s%

Taxi is just a space where you put players you want to monitor but do not want to give an active roster spot to. If you want to trade from your Taxi, it should be good until they lock. Once they lock, you have to promote them to the active roster by creating space. Either cut someone / 2 for 1 trade / etc.

I do not think you can move anyone to the Taxi Squad once the season begins, but perhaps there are rules to allow it. You can promote players to your roster though.

In my league, Taxi slots are for Rookie players only. Once the season starts, they lock. During the off-season, you can move rookies (only) on and off the squad. You are able to expand who can be there, I think up to 3 years of experience, but typically it is rookie only.

Does this help?

Yes, that’s helpful, but I thought that players could claim someone off another player’s taxi squad. The owner of that payer would have to either promote them to the roster or surrender them. That’s how it is in the NFL, players who are on a practice squad and not on the roster can be claimed by other teams.

Our league has it set up to include rookies and 2nd year players. Rosters will lock after the last preseason game and they can keep up to 4 players on the taxi squad. Maybe making claims on those players is an optional setting, but I thought it was a main feature of taxi squads that they are not fully protected if they aren’t on the roster.

There might be a setting to use them like the NFL does, but in my experience you cannot claim someone else’s Taxi players. I suppose it is possible no one has ever bothered so it has not come up, but I do not think that is how the Taxi Squad works for most FF. I know I have not set up any options to change that settings at the least.

I think I’ll find out when I turn the taxi squad back on in a few weeks. If it’s only an extension of the bench, I guess that’s OK too, but our league is 12 teams and our draft had 28 rounds, all for only 4 positions (no kickers or D/STs) so it’s already very deep. Depth on the bench is good to motivate people to seek trades, but it seems extremely bleak on the WW right now and won’t get much better for a while. Thanks for your help.

You might want to define what you mean by Taxi Squad because what I’ve gathered is that they’re basically Restricted Free Agents in your league, whereas most leagues are just an extention of their bench that can’t accumulate stats

That is pretty deep. Maybe convert the final 4 roster spots to your Taxi? That shortens the bench and might help out the waiver / trades / etc? But I am pretty sure it is only a bench extension, which is why most leagues restrict it to rookies only. Like 6-8 rounds of rookie draft, so you have actual development guys to put there. Or that is how it has gone in my leagues.

Good luck!

From everything I’ve read, taxi squads can be used as bench extensions with certain rules governing and limiting their use. Allowing teams to “poach” taxi squad players from other teams is common, but not necessary. When I first read up on taxi squads it was more or less assumed that these payers are not fully protected and are like restricted free agents so I assumed all taxi squads had that as part of their basic definition. But that doesn’t have to be the case so I’ll have to see how the league feels about allowing their taxi squad players to be left somewhat unprotected.

You can’t claim a player on someone else’s taxi squad. That’s not how that works. For all intents and purposes, if a player is on a taxis quad, they are on that managers roster until they drop them. Another manager can’t simply make a claim for a player on the taxi squad.

Some leagues use taxi squads the same as practice squads in the NFL. DLF was one of the first to introduce taxi squads and this is what they wrote back in 2013:

“Some leagues allow taxi squads to be raided by other owners in much the same way the NFL allows teams to pluck players from another team’s practice squad provided that player is moved to the active roster of the raiding team. If your league runs its taxi squad this way, your hand may be forced by another team. If this situation occurs, you must consider if the player in question plays into either the short term plans of your team if it is in a “win now” mode or the long term goals of your team if it is in a “rebuilding” mode.”

I personally have never seen it done that way. I can tell you that from using sleeper, that’s not how their platform is set either so don’t worry about that.

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