Using the #1 Waiver Priority?

I have had the #1 waiver priority for a few weeks now and have made sure not to use it since I was undefeated and didnt think I should waste it. I have since lost Cook and Carson and lost my first game.

With that said is Marlon Mack, Elijah McGuire or anyone for that matter (looking at those guys though) worth using the #1 waiver priority? Is saving it worth it? My roster stands as such:

Dak Prescott
Jordy Nelson
Stefon Diggs
Kareem Hunt
Devonta Freeman
Kyle Rudolph
Alshon Jeffrey
Will Lutz
Eagles DST

Chris Thompson
Sterling Shepard
Austin Sefarian Jenkins
Gio Bernard
Carson Wentz
Johnathan Stewart
Dalvin Cook in the IR Spot

Is mckinnon out there… If so use it on him…

Marlon mack you can if you want… But not sold on him or the colts at the moment

No McKinnon has been rostered already. Guys available include:

Elijah McGuire
Marlon Mack
D’Onta Foreman

A lot of the top waiver guys have been picked up in past weeks.

How many teams in your league? If 12 or less and McKinnon is off the table…I would keep it and use it as a handcuff to your current players if they go down (knock on wood).

@jbe8401. Yeah, would have to agree with that. Too early to tell much about McGuire or Mack at this point.

Yeah as I continue to think about it I don’t really think its worth either of those guys. I have solid starters and a good record, 4-1, so i may ride it out and see what happens