Using Tier based drafting for a Dynasty Start up

After listening for several years i finally pulled the trigger on the UDK and i have my first dynasty league with the start up draft soon. I am excited to try the tier based drafting in my redraft league but i was wondering if there was a good way to incorporate that same tier based system for dynasty?
I’ve looked at both the tiers for redraft and the dynasty start up rankings. My concerns are that using the regular tier system that is available wont translate well to dynasty because of factors like age, contract status, etc.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Using the Dynasty Startup Rankings in the UDK, you can export to Excell, CSV or PDF.

Do this an create your own tiers or use the UDK redraft tiers to help formulate your own. Feel free to share with the #FootClan.

This is actually what I’ve been doing. I have an excel workbook that i’ve been using for a few years that i just update every year. My base rankings that i used this year are the dynasty start up ranks provided in the UDK (one of the main selling points for me). I’ve been working on breaking it up into tiers but there is a lot of my personal opinion that has gone into it. I’d be happy to share what I have but it has a lot of info from the UDK in it and since that is a paid for product i hate to give it away without consent

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Cool man! I paid for the UDK, too. I can appreciate your consideration. If you want to private message me and exchange emails I’d be happy to give it second pair of eyes.