Using Tiers

I like the Tier aspect of this website… but the tiers are not equitable. You can’t compare a tier 2 TE to a tier 2 wr or tier 2 running back. SO - for someone who has successfully used the tier drafting method… do you have a top 200 list and a tier list? Any help would be good. Thanks.

There is a top 200 list in the UDK, but it’s not tiered if that’s what you’re asking.

If that’s the route you want to go, you will have to use the top 200 list like mentioned above. Then use their tier ranks to create it. There isnt really all the much of a point in doing that though, as it’s used to figure out who to take between positions by saying ok I have 5 guys in this tier for RBs, but only 2 for WRs. So you take your WR and hope that tier of RB falls back to you. Otherwise it’s just a top 200 list.

Roger that… thanks. That is what I figured. I’ve never tried using a Tier and that is what I figured it was. I will experiment this year.

Also - you really can’t compare tiers outside of their own column. What I mean is - a tier 2 running back in my league is more valuable than a tier 2 wide receiving. So - knowing you league (scoring) and then using the tiers - could be helpful.

Thanks again…

Tiers are not meant as a comparison tool. They simply denote the pool of players with similar outcomes.

As in all the WR in tier 2 have a similar outcome. Not that All players in tier 2 have a similar outcome.

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