Valid non faab waiver question

I have the number one priority, I will remain there until I use a waiver add. This means I can
Wait until next week to have a top pick, or even until December if I never needed to. My team completely pooped its pants but I am ok with it.

I would probably drop Montgomery to grab Lindsay, but I don’t even know if he’s worth using the priority on since I can’t guarantee that I’d start him.


I wouldnt use your number one priority for Lindsay if you arent going to start him. I would look tomorrow and see what players were dropped. I seen people drop good players that just a bad week. Someone might drop baldwin in your league.

I have Baldwin…

I really do need a rb though, my wrs are solid but I have Collins, burkhead, Mack and kerryon so I am thinking addings Lindsay could be huge if he works out

Anyone in your league willing to trade? Maybe offer an WR/RB for a guy like Mixon or Howard.

I agree, I wouldn’t burn your priority on Lindsay, even if you desperately need an RB
Royce Freeman is still there, getting equal carries.
Lindsay had more receptions and a TD

But it’s a gamble anyways so if you believe, and I mean TRULY BELIEVE that Lindsay can become the fantasy super star of 2018, go for it

I had to go to bed and I just hit send and went for it, someone after me probably would have claimed him and im already back at 8. This league tends to have a few active and a few not so I’m not that worried about being stuck at the bottom.

Now i pray that hes the guy lol