Value Baker vs Stafford


Baker Mayfield is getting ignored as FA in our 12 ppl standard league.

I have Rivers and Stafford.

Baker’s schedule after Ravens looks sweet af.

U think he’s worth dropping stafford now?

I’ve been trying to decide the same exact thing - I think you have a week to make up your mind. I don’t see Baker making a big enough splash against the Ravens this week for guys to go out and grab him. I see Baker having high upside just due to the upcoming schedule - so you can take a deep shot on him or play it safe. Stafford has an upcoming by so if I were you I would throw him out there and take a deep shot.

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You have two top 12 guys. No reason to grab Baker imo.

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You’re gonna be playing Rivers nearly every week. Stafford’s upcoming schedule is pretty brutal IMO. I don’t think it’s necessary to roster 2 QBs anyway in a standard league. I’d probably drop Stafford to pick up someone at a more valuable position

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Guess your right on not rostering 2 qbs.
But i couldnt decide who to drop yet.

The thought behind baker on the roster for me was if he could end up even better then rivers?

Could that happen or nah?

I don’t think that will happen but it is possible. Rivers has more weapons at his disposal and I don’t see a world where the Browns offense will ever be as good as the Chargers offense this season. If you’re gonna roster 2 QBs, you might as well drop Stafford for Baker IMO. I think it would be very rare that you play either Stafford or Baker over Rivers barring an injury but you might as well go with the upside of Baker over Stafford

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agree with @JPlum_3 if you want to take a bet on baker’s upside and don’t plan on playing him unless he starts going Mahomes on everybody, then it’s probably fine to drop Stafford. I wouldn’t drop Rivers as others have said. Stafford honestly will continue putting up solid to excellent points consistently though, so if QB’s come at a hefty premium in your league and streaming options don’t really exist, it would clearly be a lot safer to keep Stafford. I’d imagine that is not the situation though


Thats the words i was looking for “is he going mahomes on everybody”

Its 12 ppl and the best Streamers are mariota tannehill eli…
So i guess they would snack stafford right away

And if baker dosnt go mahomes i fed someone

Guess ill go the safe way and look for a trade with stafford

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