Value for Rest of Season? Adam Thielen vs Stefon Diggs

I’m trying to target one of these receivers. One owner in my league owns both of these and Kyle Rudolph. That’s 3 Vikings pass catchers so I figure I should be able to get one of them semi cheaper than normal.

I’m trying to figure out if the cheaper price of Thielen is going to be the more valuable play or should I just go to the top and try to pull Diggs?

The owner of these guys is new to this league and only played 1 year before and I think I may be able to pull Tarik Cohen and Cooper Kupp for Thielen and Crowell. Not sure yet. Is that highway robbery or a fairly even trade?

Edit: Half Point PPR

I very much love Diggs this season. But Thielen is a PPR God. That being said, you can clearly see that Bradford is ACTUALLY THROWING DOWN FIELD!!! He trusts Diggs and I love it. I personally would go for the high upside of Diggs and his big plays

I would target whichever one you can get a better deal on.

Diggs is the better receiver but I think the Vikings see them as a 1A/1B situation. Bradford will target whoever the defense gives him.