Value of a 1.03 pick in dynasty

I have the 1.03 dynasty pick and I took over a orphan team. And the team is doesn’t have a lot of good players. Should I trade the 1.03 for stafford straight up or try and get another lower pick back also?

Depends in the pick you can get, but I’d value it pretty highly. What’s your roster look like?

NO WAY. You can get Sony Michel or maybe Derrius Guice with #3. I think Michel will be the next Alvin kamara. I don’t think Stafford is near good enough for #3

Def not straight up. You could get a large haul for that. If it were Rodgers or something then MAYBE.

The roster is pretty bad and old my best players are trubisky and drake, I’ve got Jordy, Larry fitz and a lot of old washed up players

I think Michel is going to be good, but he is very unlikely to be the next Kamara. Everyone is trying to squint and force the label of ‘next Kamara’, but odds are not great for there to be another Kamara this year or any time soon. His season last year was off the charts historically.

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I couldn’t agree more with DFWB about finding the next Kamara, and I also have the 1.03 rookie pick and I’m willing to trade back as far as 1.07(I’m happy there’s 7-8players worth a first round grade) plus a veteran player or for multiple later firsts like 1.06 & 1.10 or 1.11 if you can to rebuild but I wouldn’t be trading out for any less, Fantasypros has a good article up explaining chances of hitting on rookie picks from which slots in the draft at spoiler you wanna be in the top 3 but have a read anyway.
Your in one of the most valuable positions so get what it’s worth if not take one of the Backs that lands in a good home and build around him.

If your team is older and not looking too solid, then you could also look at other teams and see if anyone has multiple picks between the mid to late first and early second. Then try to swap your 1.03 for two early picks to include with your early 2nd. For a rebound year, I would love to have three picks (assuming you have 2.03) in the top 15-18 picks. For example, player in my league traded down last year and still grabbed Hunt, JuJu, and Chris Godwin.

Also, if you still have Fitzgerald after week 8ish and your team is not doing well you could try to look to move him to a team that is a playoff contender for multiple young upside players or a solid draft pick next year. Assuming that Larry is still performing how he has the past few years.

Dynasty QB’s are easier to come by unless your in superflex/2qb (not worth more than a 2nd round pick unless it’s a back end 1st round pick for watson or late mid round for wentz/rodgers(possibly for 1.03 if desperate)/wilson?) . Would suggest holding the 1.03 and seeing what you get on “draft day” you may even get guice which i’d take in a heartbeat at 3 (picks appreciate till draft all the time always, rookie hype).

You most likely would be able to get a super solid RB. If your looking to trade in a PPR, i’d say possibly your looking in the range of Jordan howard, Juju-smith, or (Stafford & Hunter Henry combined). Hard to say all based on your teams needs and format your playing in.

i agree that he won’t have the same production. I just mean he could be used in the same way as Kamara and can break out. He’s a better runner than people think and is a great receiver out of the backfield.

Maybe? He has 64 catches over 4 years (9 this past year).

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