Value of Dez Bryant in Dynasty

He Footclan,

i’m curios About the value of Dez Bryant in Dynasty Formats…!
is my standpoint right, that to date his value is at the lowest point, cause he is not signed or do you guys see a scenario where he lands that it could be better to deal him now?

he would be my WR5/6 going into this season (league requirements are 2WR/2 Flex, so max there where 4 WR in the Lineup)…i think that he is not as washed as some people say, and could also be a legit WR2 in some offenses.

would you guys deal him at all and if so what would be his pricetag?
what do you guys think of dez?

thanks for reading and thinking about it

He is at his lowest right now. He is unsigned coming off the worst season of his career. I don’t see how his value could get any lower no matter where he signs. If you try to deal him now you won’t get much for him. Wait till he signs with someone, then deal him.

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Definitely wouldn’t deal him now. He’s really not that old, has one down season and he’ll likely land with a better QB than Dak. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him go to one of Houston, Green bay or Seattle. Even the Jaguars are an option but I doubt Dez wants that small of a market.

Hold him and see it through. He could put up a top 20 WR season in which case you can make the decision to capitalize or keep.


I think in dynasty you have to just buckle up and hold on to him! His value is impossible to call because you have to trade him on his ceiling but without a team or any indication of where he could go no one is buying at that price (mid/low WR2 with upside if he gets on a high powered offense and sees redzone work)

I can’t see him signing anything until deep into training camp of even early season, based on the offers he seems to have had and what he wants it’ll likely take an injury or suspension so the list of options is almost any team and in that sense any outcome and it’s all ‘what if’s’…

  • What if he changes his tune and wants a title and signs a one year superbowl hunting deal with the pats?
  • What if he just cashes out and goes with the Bills for a multi-year deal?
  • What if Adams goes down for the year and he signs a shorter deal with Green Bay after their rookies and Alison fail to impress and they need a primary target?
    Plus any other scenario you can dream up, my point being any of these are as possible as they are impossible and each has it’s own impact on his price and indeed whether you’d even want him so you have to commit to holding him until something happens
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