Value of Future Draft Picks?

This is my first year in a 12-team, 1 pt PPR dynasty league. My team is in desperate need of a RB. I feel like it is the only glaring hole I have at the moment.

An owner in rebuilding mode has offered me Dalvin Cook, a third-round pick in 2022, and a second-round pick in 2023 for my two first round picks in 2022 and 2023. Given my first year in dynasty, what is the value of draft picks?

My team:
QB: Mahomes
RB: J Conner, D Harris
WR: D Adams, C Lamb, T Lockett
TE: Kittle
Flex: AJ Green, McKissic

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IMHO I’m probably not doing that. Unless you feel you will make it to the championship THIS year after adding Cook, I’d not do it. I think the allure of Cook’s name is more valuable than what he might do for your team moving forward (2022 / 2023).

I see you do need help there, but Cook is seemingly dinged up and getting a bit older. I’m not sure as time goes on he sees the same workload either. Mattison looks fine and I think teams are moving off the bell cow idea. Not all, of course, but I think teams are starting to realize it helps them more to not have one guy out there all the time. This does not mean there are not fantastic running backs, but if you’re over-worked and injured it helps no one. Using an option a bit more to keep the team’s RB1 rested and healthy just makes more sense. Obviously this changes based on current RB rooms (might not have a good RB2), but I think it is going to be a trend now that we’re seeing these guys getting more banged up and the longer season. Just my thought.

As to the bigger reason, your first round picks are typically far more valuable than anything rounds after that. Waaayyyy more valuable. Beyond the 1st it comes down more to early / late in the specific round, but generally all 1sts hold a lot of value. It’s the future so who really knows, but 2022 does not look to be a deep class but perhaps a wide class positionally. The top end picks will be where the real value is for what I’m seeing at this point. 2023 is a deeper class and also very wide. I think in those two classes you have a shot at finding yourself a RB.

On that front, though, always go best player on the board regardless of position instead of reaching for a specific position… It’s easier to trade for someone you want that way as you likely have a more valuable piece.

It’s a gamble, and Cook has been very good thus far, but I’d hold my picks. Cook would definitely help your current RB room, but I’m only making it if I think he pushes me into the championship.

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