Value of Latavius to Kamara Owner?

12-team (keeper) Non-PPR. Kamara owner is interesting in a trade for Latavius and I’m trying to determine how to bolster my (almost) zero RB team.

My Team
QB: Kyler
WR: Kupp, Chark, D. Adams, DK, B. Edwards
RB: Carson, Robinson, Hines, White, Murray, Snell, D. Harris
TE: Waller

Their Team
QB: Cam
WR: M. Brown, AJ Brown, M. Williams, Sanders, Edelman, AJ Green
RB: Kamara, Jacobs, Ekeler, P. Lindsay
TE: M. Andrews, C. Herndon

I’d like some FLEX/bench depth (Week 6 I don’t have a full roster). Would you target Murray for AJ Green straight up? I want to think Robinson and Murray could get Ekeler but I don’t think that’s enough.

You have good depth at WR with Adams as a monster WR1, Metcalf as solid WR2 with WR1 upside, Chark as a mid-tier WR2 with possible WR1 upside and Kupp as a good flex play.

Your RB depth is where you are lacking. Carson is a solid RB1 and Robinson is a solid RB2 until proven otherwise. Harris is hurt, Hines was a ghost last week, Murray is just a Karama handcuff at this point as is with Snell as a Conner handcuff, White hasnt played enough to get a good read on how he clicks with Newton.

You could try to offer Murray/Robinson for Ekeler. He has some depth at RB with Karama and Jacobs both being RB1s. Robinson would replace Ekeler for depth at RB.

The only real setback you may face is Karama and Jacobs are both on byes week 6 and adding Murray to that will put 3 RBs (both of his starters) for him on bye in week 6.

I should thrown in I can start all 4 WRs (2 WR, 2 Flex).

I agree my RB depth is terrible but Murray feels like a big bench clog and I have no other tradable pieces. I’m going after Myles Gasksin to have some bye week Flex options.

I didn’t realize they have the same week 6 bye conundrum. My only shot is to flip Murray for a WR3/4 or wait and hope he’s used more.

You can also wait to see if the Kamara owner offers you a trade for Murray.

Based on his WR depth, it isnt a stretch to offer Murray for Green as he is most likely starting A.J. Brown (when healthy), Hollywood, and Edleman, possibly even Sanders with MT out, over Green.