Value or Studs in Keeper Leagues

When considering 2 Keepers in a 12 Team .5 PPR league is it best to get as much value as you can or keep at least 1 stud and then go value with the other keeper so that you don’t end up without any studs in any positions.

I’m debating because I do not want to end up without someone who would go 1st round in a redraft league because they are kept by everyone else. My stud would be Michael Thomas in 2nd round.

that is subject to change per each case. so, both it just depends on the values and the studs. who are you trying to pick between besides MT?

either take Boyd in the 10th and James white in the 9th or take 1 and MT in the 2nd.

for me then, im taking MT and i think… boyd. im just worried about how bad that team will be as a whole and that we will see a step back from boyd. white i like in a full PPR more. take the stud and then accessorize with who ever you like best.

What is your draft position? Does each team have to keep 2 players?

I was thinking the same - MT and Boyd but was worried about new coaching staff and unsure what Dalton will do. White worries me because of all the RBs the Pats have but is solid with pass catching.

Not everyone has to keep 2 but they can. i wont find out my draft position until after we select keepers.

Thanks for clarifying.

I don’t mean to be a sh** disturber but that’s backwards. Draft position should always be known before keeper selections. Otherwise you have no idea if Zeke is a value as a first round keeper. If you have the 12th pick, than maybe he’s a keeper. If you have the 1st maybe he’s not.

To bring it back to your situation. MT is an OK value at the 2.01 and a screaming value at the 2.12.

Yea i understand.I feel the same but thats just how it was voted on in the league so it makes it a bit harder to select keepers.

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100% agree with this. all this does is hamper the ones that put a lot of work and thought into their keepers.

I’d be keeping MT and neither of the other 2 guys. If you feel you want to keep one, I’d go with White over Boyd. Thomas is a value in the 2nd round regardless of where you’re picking.

Why White over Boyd or neither period? They are both great values that late.

Michael Thomas in the 2nd round is a steal imo. Definitely keep him. From there it’s just about deciding whether you think James White will have a similar role to last year. There were a lot of injuries at RB for NE last year, making him due for at least a small regression. If this was full ppr it’d be an easy james white pick for me but I’m more torn with it being .5. I’d probably go Boyd for upside

I think White over Boyd for 2 reasons. He’s a pass catching RB & you know what his role will be in the offense. Sure NE has a crowded backfield, but I don’t think that this is the season where White gets phased out of the offense. He will still be productive & there are targets lost with Gronk out. And the 2nd reason is just based on draft value, right now White would be a 5th-6th rounder that you can get a few rounds later. I know the same can be said for Boyd, but I just trust the Pats offense more than I do the Bengals.