Valuing dynasty startup picks

Hi all,

This is my first dynasty draft and I’m struggling to assign value to future draft picks. 8 man league, I’m pick 8 and I like the idea of gaining 1 or 2 extra picks between rounds 3 to 5. What would your trades be to achieve something like this? Additonally, what is the value you put on a future 2nd or 3rd round pick? What would you want in return to giving one of those picks up?

First time posting so not sure if league details help with decision making:
2 x QB, 3 x RB, 3 x WR, 2 x TE, 3 x W/R/T - total squad of 30


The easiest way to trade for picks in 3-5 rounds in my opinion is to trade down but with you being 8 of 8 that’s quite difficult. Amazing what you can get for a top 3 pick. I’m not experienced in 8 team leagues so I’m not sure exactly what would be a great deal but I think I would target the lowest round I want to acquire so say round 5 and offer 7th and 8th for 5th and 10th or something.

In terms of future picks I tend to always value known players higher than a second or third round rookie pick. If somebody will give you an immediate player for a future third then I will do it pretty much every time. But with it being a smaller league I would probably be a bit more cautious in throwing picks around. It would need to be somebody I coveted rather than just an opportunity opened up kind of trade. I would value a second round rookie reasonably highly as a 12 or 14 team league would be considering it nearly a first round pick. You could be essentially getting two opportunities at some dynasty formats first rounder.

Best of luck. As before it’s probably outside my comfort level for dynasty but hopefully these thoughts help you out