VAMPIRE Fantasy Football League *It's Not What You Think*

I am playing in an experimental league with friends this year. I am trying to think-up some good draft and play strategies.

Rules of the league:

So, here is how this works.

12- man league, Only 11 people draft players and the 12th person is a VAMPIRE!

  1. The vampire picks his team from the leftover players not drafted by the other 11 people.

  2. Only The Vampire can touch waivers for the first 6 weeks.

  3. After that… the other players can touch waivers, but The Vampire still gets first priority every week.

  4. If the Vampire beats you… he gets to trade one of his starters with one of yours… bench players are off limits… same with IR

  5. The league will be normal playoffs, half point ppr, snake draft.

  6. No trades until after week 6, but trades can be made with the Vampire at any time. You Can NOT make trades the week you play the vampire.

What do you guys think of the format?

What strategy changes from “taking the best player left in the highest tier” based on this format?

I’ve heard of this type of league, and I’ve been trying to play it ever since! I only think it’d be fun playing as the vampire though, which is the downside.