Vampire League $50 FILLED

10 team Vampire League, $50 leaguesafe

Startup draft is on Sleeper, will then transition over to ESPN.

9 owners will draft a 25 man roster. Roster will consist of…
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
16 Bench Spots (no IR, no Taxi Squad)

Once draft is complete, the 9 non-vampire owners will not be allowed to trade or use waiver wire. The ONLY time a non vampire can use the waiver wire is after they lose to the vampire and a player is taken from their team. The owner who loses the player may replace that player with a player from the waiver wire who plays the same position.


Vampire will be a random selection. Once the league is filled and paid, we will do a random draft order where the 10th pick will be the Vampire.

The vampire will get to pick their roster after the other 9 owners complete the draft. The vampire is the only team that gets to use the waiver wire (except for how explained above).

The vampire will be given the #1 pick in every years draft.

If the vampire wins their game, they get to take 1 player off the other teams roster that was in the starting lineup for their opponent. The vampire must drop a player at that time to meet roster requirements.

The league ends and restarts once the vampire wins the championship.


Since the waiver wire cannot be used by the 9 non-vampire owners, the annual draft will be a 6 round rookie/free agent draft. It will be a linear draft. The picks will be awarded as follows…

  1. Vampire
    Winner of the 9/10 Game
    Loser of the 9/10 Game
    Winner of the 7/8 Game
    Loser of the 7/8 Game
    6th place
    Loser of 4/5 first round game
    Loser of 3/4 Game
    Winner of 3/4 Game

If the vampire falls into any of those spots above the last place team, everyone slides down accordingly.

Love to join…how?
GainesvilleSteve Footclan Member

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Sent you an email with the info! Welcome aboard!

1 spot left

I’m interested. Thanks

Hey man, actually just filled and just started the draft!!

Hey man, struggling to get ahold of you! You’ve been on the clock for a couple hours now! Hope you see this**[quote=“GainesvilleSteve, post:2, topic:116368, full:true”]
Love to join…how?
GainesvilleSteve Footclan Member


sorry…was away and didn’t know we started. text is fine at 352-562-1653

Steve Wilson

Alright, thanks.