Vampire League help?

Anyone done one of these?

I’m considering a 2 Vampire in a 12 team PPR league. Any advice or rules I should do?

Also, can I do this and an Auction draft on CBS SPORTSLINE? Anyone done this?



I did my first vampire league last year. It was a lot of fun. I’ll just speak to what we did, and you can take it how you like.

We did an 10 team league, 1 vampire (I strongly considered doing 2 vampires as that could’ve been more challenging, but as it was our first time, decided to keep it relatively simple).

We did a normal online draft, and since it was impossible to work around our vampire NOT drafting (he had to on, our vampire just drafted bottom of the barrel, no-name players for his turn, then was free to release them all and pick up whoever was left after the draft. However, I’m sure an Auction draft could still work. And if your vampire has to draft in your league, could probably work the same way where he just drafts nobodies for his turn.

For a matchup with the vampire, we had the vampire announce before the first kickoff which player he was targeting that week, that way if there were an injury to a star player or something, it would make it more fair to the non-vampire team. (If vampire picks Saquon beforehand and Saquon goes down, the vampire can’t change his mind and take Julio Jones. That would suck for the losing player).

We also did waivers for every team (a lot of vampire leagues don’t do waivers for non-vampire teams, but I just thought that would suck, despite the challenge, to only have the team you drafted all year and not pick anyone up) HOWever, the Vampire always got 1st waiver priority every week no matter what, just to give him the advantage. I just manually put him in first waiver position every week.

Those were the main tweaks that we did to our league. Our vampire was actually pretty successful as he finished 2nd place! I’d like to continue doing one and tinker with the format more. However I’m worried there isn’t as much interest with the same group of guys to do it again. I’m sure it’s more fun for the vampire than for everyone else, but I thought it was still fun and strategic. If you need anymore for yuo vampire league let me know! Lol

Thanks for the reply

Did the league generally like it? Are you guys doing it again?

I think people generally liked it. Since it was kinda an experimental thing, it was treated as more or a side-league to some of our more serious, competitive ones. I know a few people are interested in doing it again, however so far not enough to fill a league yet :frowning: