Vampire League Setup & Flavor Help

Ran a vampire league last year, it went so-so with some kinks to work out this year. Found a post on some site called razzball and I really like roto_wan’s setup.

It includes flavor-themed mini events within the season based on the Fury of Dracula board game:

  • Unnatural Fog: Week 3. Feeling emboldened, the Count surrounds his target with fog. Dakula gets to select his opponent. The remaining teams will be randomly scheduled.
  • Hunt The Beast: Week 10. Gathering their strength, those brave enough aim to turn the tables on this foul creature. There will be two play-groups: Hunters and Bystanders. If you choose to be a Hunter you are in Dakula’s group and each Hunter plays him head to head. Should you fail to outscore him, you are subject to the starter swap. Conversely, any team to outscore Dakula gets to swap for one of his starters (worst record has priority). Bystanders are in a group of their own and randomly scheduled. Should an odd number choose to be a Bystander, one will randomly play Dakula with no swap on the line. Hunting Dakula is also a risk if too many people lose to him, as each win would vault him up the standings.

Right now this is the setup (I copy heavily):

10 teams
full ppr
3 bench + two covid IR (transition to 4 bench during week 4)
$100 faab (vamp gets $150)

  • all players have access to waivers each week of season, but no trading between players.
  • upon winning a week, vamp gets to trade role player for player (rb for rb or wr for wr etc) of choice that was in the lineup
  • Ideally this league will run like a combination of online werewolf/mafia games where there’s a flavor write up each week and a few weeks of the season will feature different rules like the two stated above. Haven’t come up with any more ideas for flavor yet, but I’ll post them if/when I do.

To anyone who has successfully run a vampire league (or anyone, really) any advice or tips or tweaks you’d suggest?

One question I do have is whether or not to tell my league members about the flavor week games or not. To keep them in the dark about, for example weeks 3 and 10, or to tell everyone beforehand.