Vampire League Team Name

Am part of a vampire league, and I am struggling to come up with a team name. I normally have a name relating to one of my players, but am struggling to do that and relate it to vampires. Maybe I should have drafted better and got Kenyan Drake-ula.

My team:
Cam Newton
Philip Rivers
Christian McCaffrey
Dalvin Cook
Josh Jacobs
Derrick Henry
Tarik Cohen
Stefon Diggs
Alshon Jeffrey
Jarvis Landry
Dante Pettis
Travis Kelce
Jordan Reed
Minnesota Vikings
Houston Texans

Any ideas are appreciated.

From Dusk Till Dalvin (or Dusk Till Dante sounds better, but not the name recognition of Dalvin)

Christian McCoffin

Count Derrick-ula Henry

Or some rejects from my vampire league: The Lost Yardage Boys; Postgame Interview with the Vampire; Nosfer-antasy.

These are all admittedly terrible haha.

I’m a big fan of the Count Derrick-ula! May well use that one! thank you!
Will have to do some crude photoshop (read MS Paint) to come up with an avatar as well.

No Reflec-Alshon