Vampire Leagues?

I’m starting a 12 team, 2 division Vampire league. each division will have a vampire.

QB, WR, RB, TE, 4FLEX, DEF (no kicker)

Standard core Vampire rules: 10 draft, 2 vampires pull teams from waivers. Only vampires get waiver access throughout the entire season. Once we hit playoffs, waivers open for every team. Standard waiver priority is activated.

The rule that’s changing that i’m worried about a little is that a loss from the vampire opens your entire roster. Vampire can take any player from your roster, and can give any player from their roster, but it has to be 1:1 on position (WR for WR, etc. ) This prevents anyone from purposely tanking their vampire games to save studs.

Not sure how this season is going to play out. Obviously having two vampires makes it more important for them to stay on top of waivers, especially if we decide there’s no waiver priority based on their records.

Also, if/when the vampires play each other, should there be a new special rule for the outcome?

Very excited to do this, very worried that the rules we put in place might tip the scales into one direction too far and make it super boring or one sided.

Anyway, just wanted to throw out there that i’m doing this, wondering if anyone has had experience.


  1. What platform?
  2. Free league or is there a cost?
  3. For clarity, the vampire swaps a player when you beat them, or if you lose to them?

I’m also going to be doing a dynasty Vampire league, I’m just writing rules now for a dynasty format.
If you want to bounce ideas around let me know

  1. No platform yet. I’m going to check to see if yahoo will allow me to customize it that heavily.

  2. League was already full, $20

  3. Only if you lose to a vampire. If you beat the vampire nothing happens.


Dynasty Vampire league is INSANE. I’m so obsessed with my dynasty team, losing a player would crush me :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Hi Chuck
im interested in joining this league, ive wanted to try a Vampire league. Can you send me the details ect.
Todd Goodman

Todd Goodman

I will be starting one here soon, still just trying to iron out the rules and what platform to play on

unfortunately the league is full. however i am going to be posting my slightly altered rules shortly. Start one! the more we have going the more we can analyze the result of the rule set, and adjust for future leagues.

So far, Yahoo has made it pretty easy to adapt their stock features for what we’re trying to do. I’ve only used Yahoo and CBS. I prefer Yahoo (for now)

As promised, the rules

Vampire League Rules

All rules are up for debate

-12 Teams
-2 divisions, one vampire per division.
-1pt PPR
-Points for yards, TDs etc. will be set to Yahoo league defaults. Once the league is live I encourage everyone to look at the settings and provide feedback. I’m obviously not the expert.


-Snake draft
-10 teams draft, vampires do not draft.
-Vampires draft only from waivers after draft is complete. Because there will be 2 vampires, they will do it snake style as well.
-After draft is complete, all non-vampire rosters are LOCKED for the entire season. That means you cannot trade or make waiver claims for the entire 13 week fantasy regular season.
-vampire teams have unlimited run of the waiver pool for the entire regular 13 week season. Whether there is a waiver period or if it’s open free agents will be up for debate.

Matchups Against Non-Vampire Teams

-Just a normal matchup. A win is a win, a loss is a loss.

Matchups Against a Vampire Team

  • When you are inevitably matched up against a vampire team, the scoring rules are the same. The goal is to outscore your opponent. HOWEVER if you lose to a Vampire team, the vampire gets to take ANY single player off your ENTIRE roster and replace it with one from their roster at the same position. For example, if the vampire takes a RB, he has to give you a RB in return.
    -The player the vampire gives to the loser HAS to be a player that was on their roster during the matchup. They don’t have to be a starter, but the vampire can’t just take a dickweed off the waiver to trade AFTER the matchup.
    -RULE DEBATE: Can a vampire trade an injured or suspended player?

Vampire vs. Vampire

-RULE DEBATE: If the schedule plays out where the vampires are matched up, what happens? Anything special?

Playoffs- weeks 14, 15, 16

  • Waivers are now open to all teams who make the playoffs. Standard waiver order is applied, initial order will be based on record.
    -RULE DEBATE: 6 teams with a bye or 8 teams? It’s a 12 team league FYI.


  1. Vampires are the only ones with access to to waivers… there’s no reason to hold injured or suspended players… therefore they have to trade healthy players

  2. Vampire vs. Vampire… winner takes a player… as has already been stated in the previous rules… why wouldn’t that still apply?

  3. 6 teams maximum… what’s the point of the entire regular season otherwise?


Do Vampires still take players after the trading deadline/in the playoffs?

  1. Agreed
  2. I assumed it would go without mention that a V vs. V would still yield plucking a player from another’s team in a loss. I was fishing more for maybe an extra thing that would happen if vampires faced off.
  3. Agreed on 6 with bye. I only entertain 8 because I’m bad at FF and need all the help I can get. But yeah only leaving four in the dust makes the season less meaningful

Rule debate: good question. My thought was that the league would more or less revert to a normal league when playoffs hit. But usually the trade deadline is before playoffs, so that creates a weird anomaly where no trading happens at all. Definitely worth negotiating.

Vampire Vs Vampire victor gets a talisman, which grants them the ability to force sit an opponents player of their choosing?

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Whoooaaaaa that would be brutal. And awesome. Especially if you saved it and got all the way to the championship game.

Decided to do draft order via a Tecmo Super Bowl (w/ 2018 rosters) playoff simulation. It’s reached it’s final day still ongoing.


I’ve started a league at ESPN called Vampire inspired by your comments. Thanks. Contact to join. Draft b4 Labor Day. Will accommodate up to 20 with up to 3 Vampires.

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Sorry I missed this. I was in 6 total leagues this year I didn’t have room for another anyway. I hope you got enough takers!

In case anyone was still curious about this experiment, somehow I fucking WON my week 1 matchup. And the Vampire in the other division is going to win too. Pretty nuts.

Gonna take Conner.