Vance advice

Should I drop Vance for Herndon ahead of him coming off suspension. Also have The Walrus but hoping to pick up another productive player that I can possibly flip in a trade. Waiver wire is bare.

I’d drop if you already have Waller.

I’m looking at dropping Vance to try and pickup TJ who was dropped to waivers yesterday. Thoughts?

There’s no other obvious players for me to drop from other positions.

I guess because we have only seen one full game with Vance and Rudolph together (and it was great) I worry about letting him go too early. I thought about waiting until this next week passes however given his current injury status, who knows how that will shake out.

If Vance is your only TE, I might consider hanging on for a bit. TJ had one good game and is still a rookie. If Vance is able to stay healthy he and Rudolph might just be a great combo. Hard to tell at this point though.