Vance mcd on waiver who do I drop to get him?

baker. dont need two QBS

Holding baker for next week Matt Ryan is on bye

Baker and pick him back up next week. With that said someone better than Baker may be there next week. I mean Dalton may be there and he plays TB next week. With that said I don’t think Vance is a huge upgrade over Uzomah and would prolly just wait and see or pick someone else up

There ain’t much for QBs out there it’s like flacco and bortles, pretty gross

And I agree uzomah I think will be pretty decent bengals have been playing well and he’s been getting looks, just assumed Vance was a bit better / the only reason I think he is on the waiver wire is the bye week

Will he get picked up if you just play Uzomah this week and swap him for McDonald next week? Is anyone in your league likely to do that? That way you don’t need to drop anyone and don’t need to roster another TE ROS?

But Baker is the drop if you have to get him now. If he has a big game someone else will likely drop a QB for him so there will be an option for you. The risk is that the Falcons are on bye next week so you will be down Ryan and need to stream something but as a one week patch. I’d drop Baker

I would wait and drop Baker then on Sat that way he won’t clear waivers until Tuesday and then try to pick him back up

It’s possible he doesn’t get picked up but I doubt it with this league being a 3 wr, te and a wr/te slot the WRs and TE are thin which is have the reason the league is so competitive, I might do some searching to see what people would need a qb for next week and drop baker if they won’t be needing one