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Variety Dynasty 3 Seeks 1 more - Drafting soon


Many of the members in the Variety Dynasty 2 league have shown great interest in creating a 3rd league. I am in the process of determining how many members we will have carrying over., but as it stands, we will need several new members to fill the league. You can find a brief summary of how the league will work by looking for the topic “Variety Dynasty 2” or clicking this link

The only difference is the passing points per touchdown will be 6 points rather than 4. The same things apply as with the other league. You must be willing to join a Facebook group, GroupMe and be prompt with accepting the league invite as well as paying your league dues. There will be an even more strict date this round since the cutoff to get the full early bird discount for MFL is June 10th. You should also be prepared to draft as soon as the league is setup and all dues are paid.

It is a first come first join process. First to agree and accept their invites are in. Merely telling me you are interested does not guarantee you a spot in the league. Please e-mail me at Nolly77@gmail.com if you are interested.


I’m looking to get into a dynasty league this year, send me an invite parkerwpierce@gmail.com


We have 3 slots left available


@Nolly sent you an email regarding this league, looking forward to it! Thanks!


2 spots open


Back up to 3 spots left. As soon as we fill, we can set a draft date.


We now have 2 slots open that are pending. They have not agreed to join, so the slots are still open.


Just need one more.


We again need one more.