Vegas Draft Party Recommendations

In celebration of my leagues 5th season (2019), we are hoping to do our draft in Vegas. Has anyone ever done this before? I see a lot of packages listed on google, many with mixed reviews.

If anyone has any experience with this I would really appreciate your input

Thanks footclan!


Sounds fun.

IMO, I wouldn’t pay for a package. The upsell for things like this in Vegas is massive.

I would buy a draft board and take it with you to Vegas. Do the draft in a your hotel room or suite!

This is the number one thing on my Fantasy Football Bucket List! i would love to do something like this but the logistics/expense of it all make it a long shot at best. Fun4willis is right. Just bring your draft board with you and draft from your room.

Yeah right now we are debating between going with a packaged event (On National Draft Day) or doing it ourselves. One of the packages includes an event at Top Golf. Highly leaning towards there though may just organize on our own rather then through a package.

Some of the packages we are considering are here (these are the 2018 packages)

$240 a person just for the draft, holy shit

Have to compare that too what each person would pay for 5 hours at top golf on a normal day with everyone having a few drinks and food as all that is included in the price. Haven’t done that yet. Definitely some markup for sure though. Always is.

Our plan is to go for 3 nights. Most of us in Western Canada so flights not that bad. Trip can be done for about 1000 to 1200 all in for each person. Accommodations in Vegas so cheap

Also a podcast filming live there this year during the event. If only the footballers could be that podcast next year id send in my money now :rofl: