Vent about a team in the finals

Ok most have some kinda person in the league who is pretty clearly the worst. Guy in my league barely watches football and never really changes his team and yet this bastard makes the finals. Mind you its a 1 qb league half ppr. The only move he made is traded Henry for Ertz and Hollywood

Sanders, Jones
Westbrook, John Brown
Redskins D

Bench Guice (not in the IR spot we have) Keke Coutee, James Washington, Ertz, Hollywood, Goff and Matt Ryan.

He hasnt changed his line up outside of bye weeks and yet still has dudes put up week winning numbers… Its all just luck

Sounds like you didn’t make playoffs in the league. Bummer!

Why hate on this guy though? That teams is not bad - other than the “Potatoes” DST.

No I did make it its just crazy to me that a guy with 3qbs and 2 players not even worth rostering is in the finals. Im facing him and i like my chances quite a bit it just blows my mind that a team like this made it that far never making changes. Dede, Coutee and Washington were literally useless for the majority of the season they look better now though.

This is like a bestfriend so no hate just in amazement of the sheer luck

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