Vent Thread

Lost by 5. Had Kelce (TD called back and tackled at the 1) Amendola (tackled at the 1) Carr (Sat Keenum) and… Kamara.

Beat the guy I played twice, including last week. Lost this week, same thing happened last year. I need a hug.

Tough way to end the year, but thanks Footclan for all of the help this year. Anybody else need to vent?


I can jump in on this. 6th place (of 12) in the deciding week (13) for the playoffs. I’m 1 game ahead of 7th, 81 ahead in points on the year. All I have to do is not get outscored by 82 and I’m in the playoffs.

Of course, I have Hunt, Julio, Crabtree (suspended), Emmanuel Sanders, Doyle, Prater and Woodhead (avg. 3 points each). My team scores 52(!) on the week. If 7th scores 134, I’m out…seems safe.

Well, he had Keenan Allen, Lynch, Tyreek Hill, and McKinnon that week (plus others) and scored 142. So I missed the playoffs on an extreme dud week, coupled with an extreme up week for him. Rough times…but at least his team only scored 82 this week, and he’s been eliminated. I had the bye in the consolation bracket :wink:

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