Venting about trade

A trade went down in my league in which i am a comissioner of.

Russell wilson for saints defense

Player A has Tom Brady on bye

Player B has phili d and ten d with deshaun watson

They are a couple. The trade gets brought up to me as commissioner as unfair and i treat it as obvious collusion so i revert. This sparks a huge messanger war. I take an unbiased vote(players not involved or player playing against player a or b) and it comes back 5 to 3 to veto. The couple does not accept the terms and says its a 1 week trade and if i do not allow the trade they are leaving the league because before the season starts i did not specify it was allowed.

Help me not rip my hair out footclan

You did everything you could have. if they need to leave after this, that is on them. i would have veto it too.


The league isnt going to kick them out. They will just pull one over on us. I cant believe im going to actually make a rule in my league against one week trades. Smh

2 of the 3 non vetos were because no rule was set in place about 1 week trades.

A 1 week trade wouldnt be the worst thing if both parties were actually being helped. i think they talked about a similar scenario last week on one of the podcasts. but this one is clearly collusion.

There is another issue I may bring up to the league. First, I am not necessarily against bye week trades but it is an area to discuss amongst league members for next year. The position I would take as commissioner is “was the trade designed for Player A to beat a particular opponent (like the #1 position) or was it a trade out of necessity?” I would talk to the league about bye week (one week) trades but since there was no collusion to beat a particular player, then the trade was allowed.

My issue with this one is that Player B clearly gets no benefit in this trade. if they were in need f a defense for the week or something like that it would be different. let the trade go through but they have to play the saints D to prove it wasnt collusion?

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That’s a great way to show there was no bad intent to the rest of the league!

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Its just my humble opinion. but if nothing else i hope you still have your hair. i am bald lol

I agree and stated that was my issue was that she was not using the player and the other was. I get people make bad deals thats whatever.

I think that may be the most civil way to do so. I play player B this week so i mean it just benefits me in the end by not having to play against the phili defense.

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I have no problem with trades for defenses (i think it’s under-rated in opportunity) but this has to do with the involved players. The saints D is garbage compared to what’s available on the waiver wire, especially in an 8 man. it’s collusion plain and simple and if they want to walk so be it, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

you did the right thing


This just reeks of collusion and if they want to throw a hissy fit without understanding WHY people are miffed about it than so be it. All trades in my league are voted on to make sure people agree that its fair and there is no collusion. You did just that. They lost. Tell them to get over it or get out. Its harsh but you don’t want that kind of attitude in your league.

And they just up and left the league even though we upheld their trade.

It sucks now but your league will be better off in the long run with them gone.

I agree now i need to figure out the next route to take. Either i make thrir teams be the average points and teams play against the average or i repair the league where anybody playing them would be paired wirh each other instead. Regardless their players will be frozen. Any advice?

I’m a commish in my league and I would go with weekly average opponent for their match ups and of course frozen lineup.

Weekly average of all active teams rosters has been voted i to application but how am i supposed to do that? All 10 teams left or 9 teams excluding the team playing the absentee owner?

You need to play with people that know how to play fantasy football. The golden rule in fantasy is no collusion, and this is clearly collusion.

To solve this issue next season I would draft up a Constitution with all the rules so noone can bitch about this type of stuff midseason.