(VENTING) I might be more annoyed by this fantasy season than any that has come before

League of record. Team; Miami Dolph Lundgrens. Best managing season I’ve ever had. Amazing draft. Killed it with trades.

Roster at the end of the season: (Full PPR, 10-team)
QB: Hurts, Lamar
RB: Zeke, Najee, Kamara Montgomery, Javonte Williams
WR: Kupp, Codwin, Chase, Waddle
TE; Kittle

I got every team’s best week by far and it wasn’t even close.

  • week 1; a healthy Russell Wilson, McCaffrey, and Waller for the only time this season
  • week 2; 48 monster week from Derrick Henry, plus 33 from Kyler
  • week 4; 48 monster week from Tyreek, plus 30 from Ekeler
  • week 5; 42 monster week from Lamar, plus 37 from Mike Williams
  • week 7; my opponent had the 25 point D’Ernest week, beat me by <5 points
  • week 9; faced the 34 point Jonathan Taylor week, lost by <1 point

My record vs the league; 83-43

Standings at the end of the season: