Venting, sorry

I scored the highest total points in my league by about 150 points.

I lost 4 games this year by a combined total of 4 points, 2 by .5 (every time it was against the weekly high score)

Dropped from 1st place to 4th after losing week 13 by .5 points by and large part thanks to Tevin Coleman’s dud of a game. So lost the bye and $100 for 1st AND have to now play the hottest team in the league round 1.

Then top it off I lose Kareem Hunt from my team. (Having Spencer Ware doesn’t help)

I am beyond frustrated at this point.

Welcome to the lovely tormenting world that is Fantasy Football. We are all here for you.

Just this past week I lost:

Team 1: AJ Green, Kareem Hunt
Team 2: Kareem Hunt, James Conner

So I am right there with you my friend.

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Ouch that’s rough. Here’s to us both pulling out W’s this week my friend!

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Thats always brutal. A guy in my league was having the worst luck with TE all year. drafted delanie, then went for doyle. Then traded for rudolph and rolled with him. he dropped rudolph on the vikes bye for OJ. Then traded Sutton for Olsen after OJ went down.

I was the one who got Sutton so things look like they turned out okay.

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I’m in the same boat, I have the second most points in my league but i lost Hunt and Green last week now I’m forced to play Lewis or Davis against the Jags or Richard or Mike Williams

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WOW talk about brutal. Just tell the guy leave his spot empty or grab Herndon already and be done with it lol

Top it off guys I traded away Lindsay earlier in the year after 2 weeks thinking it would never keep up. I made a lot of great killer deals, got Saquan and Hopkins but getting rid of Lindsay especially now with losing Hunt it’s killing me

Fantasy football the a game that we all love and hate. More addicting than anything. Injuries and unproductive weeks will ruin my entire day and night.

This is about the time I start saying “I am never doing this again…” I have won a lot over the years but I remember the late season injuries and bad breaks more than anything. It really is a brutal pasttime.

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