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Vernon davis or zach ertz?


Vernon Davis or Zach Ertz for my tight end? Also for my flex should I play the TE that doesn’t start at TE in my flex instead of Samaje Perine? Thanks!


I am in the exact same situation with both Davis and Ertz… I think I’m leaning towards Davis…ahhhhhhhh
I would play the other TE as your Flex if you don’t have anything better.


I had Perine and Kelley early in the season. Perine did nothing against good matchups like OAK, SF, and LAR. He did have a big game finally, but he is injured, and they have signed another back too. He was literally the only back in that game. I start Gronk and Ertz every week I can. I’m a fan of starting 2 good tight ends.


I also have the same Davis issue with Gronk appearing on the injury report. Part of me thinks to play Davis and flex Gronk but I don’t know!

End of the day I think I would prefer Ertz over Davis.


This is unconventional thinking, but I officially put Davis in over Ertz… this way I’ll have a player in each game on Thursday (Keenan Allen, Jerick McKinnon and Vernon Davis)… BAM!


Both TEs. I dont trust Perine yet.