Vernon Davis ROS

I have Vernon Davis as my only TE, he is reliable as long as Reed is out. I’m in the playoffs guaranteed and need to shore up TE for ROS. Do I stick with Davis for the time being hoping that Reed will be out/limited ROS or do I go get Clay, ASJ, Doyle, or Kroft?

Doyle blowing up so will it last.
The rest are match up guys…

except ASJ… ASJ had 2-3 off weeks recently but he had two touchdowns called back. SO if those aren’t called back he is like the number 5 TE over the last 6 weeks…he seems solid

I would grab Doyle personally. He gets a lot of volume at least and that team can’t run. The defense is awful as well so they have a lot of good game scripts for Doyle. Brissett has shown he is competent and can get the job done

Would you grab him now? Vernon Davis has an amazing matchup vs Giants. If I win this week I lock up a first round bye