Very interesting trade offer. Input needed!

Full PPR. I was just offered Jerick McKinnon and Jarvis Landry for Kenyon Drake and Michael Thomas. I really like McKinnon and I feel like Jarvis is slightly worse than MT but not by much. I have:

QB: Wentz (starter), McCown

Rbs: Kareem Hunt (starter), Tevin Coleman (Starter), Drake, Darkwa, Dion Lewis, Breida

Wrs: Michael Thomas (starter), AJ Green (starter), Jordy Nelson (Starter), Juju, Doctson

I’m leaning towards yes but let me know what you guys think!

He is putting pressure on me to make a decision!

I like it. I think Landry and Thomas are a wash and McKinnon is a solid start.

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Drake is worse than Ajayi and will have to split with Williams.

Id take it. Your winning this trade in my opinion

I’d take it, but can you send Jordy Nelson instead of Michael Thomas?

I wish but he doesn’t want Jordy