Very Nervous Lev Bell owner

In my league the lev bell owner is getting very doubtful and worried about Lev Bell and I can most likely get him for cheap because i believe hell be back soon.
My league is PPR
My team

QBs: Drew Brees, Tyrod Taylor
RBs: Saquon Barkley, Jordan Howard, Jay Ajayi, and Sony Michel
WRs: Michael Thomas Brandin Cooks, Michael Crabtree, Jamison Crowder, Cooper Kupp, Danny Amendola

I was wondering if someone can find me a cheaper than normal trade for bell


ajayi and cooks.
or straight up for howard if you are confident lev is coming back soon

This post is a joke lol. If you’re looking to lowball someone, you don’t need to a post to do it. Just do it. All the offers thrown out above are a joke. Even if with the risk of bell not coming back, none of those are remotely close to what could be considered a legit trade. If the Bell owner actually knows anything, he’d laugh in your face.

The Ajayi / Kupp one was particularly amusing.

In PPR Lev is worth a kings ransom and anyone who drafted him the past week should have prepared to have known he was going to miss multiple weeks. So they should have filled out their roster accordingly. Furthermore there are a million Lev Bell threads to look through if you want any advice I would suggest using the search bar and look at some of the trades that other footclaners have made.

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