Very unfair trade happened. please let me know your thoughts

A guy in my league traded Nick Chubb for Chase Edmunds and Latavius Murray. Please let me know what you think.

That’s a pretty bad trade considering you can get a little bit more decent value than just two backups

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Yeah I agree. I was just telling the Chubb owner I would given up James Robinson. Thanks for the reply cause no one in my league seems to care. The Chubb owner really regrets it now

Is there a way to cancel the trade? Maybe talk to the commish, that seems like kind of a throwing trade

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The guy who made the trade for Chubb actually is a co commissioner so he vetoed the trade. The Chubb owner is my dad lol and doesn’t really know much about fantasy and my friend went over my house and sweet talked him. It’s just nuts cause my friend thinks that trade is fair and I’m wtf bro

It’s a 12 team league and most of us know what we’re doing

Well the person trading Chubb away might have a lot of faith in Edmonds usurping Drake…and the evidence is there. It’s not a trade I would do…but I wouldn’t say it’s not legitimate. The Fantasy Footballers would tell you not to EVER veto a trade. Let consenting adults play.


I agree. I never wanted it vetoed but I was just saying that the trade was unfair. The guy who traded for Chubb vetoed it without telling anyone.