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Veteran trade targets?


Who are your favorite veterans to target right now for dynasty leagues? With rookie drafts occurring pick values are at the premium, so who are some veterans I can package picks for to make a championship run.


Doug Martin, Mike Wallace, Greg Olsen… those types plummet to a spot they shouldn’t be.


Olsen was a guy I had in mind where do you value him pick wise? I’d guess a late first?


No no no… that’s the beauty of him being an old man. He will usually go in the 7th or 8th round. #value


Julian Edelman is very cheap right now, I know, I know Brandin Cooks. And Edelman will be a FA next year unless they extend, but he could still be in line for another great PPR season. That Brady rapport doesn’t just completely evaporate because he got a shiny new toy


Dude this is very interesting because I’m having negotiations right now for Edelman. I own 1.08 , he owns 1.12 and wants to move up to my spot. What do you think is fair value for me to throw in for Edelman picks wise? I was thinking maybe a 2nd, I own 2.02,2.06 as well


The 2.06 and 1.08 for the 1.12 and Edelman feels more than fair, bordering on aggressive. I would start lower and take the 2.02 off the table entirely.


I would strongly recommend avoiding Edelman. His efficiency plummeted last year to 6.9 yards per target (#72 in the league)

Buy Garçon, Wallace, Maclin, Ginn, and Britt.


I would avoid Edelman as well…especially in a dynasty league.


Like I said, he’s dirt cheap…


Yes. Agreed man I’m buying for this season


I assumed. If you’re not a contender, you’re not buying old dudes on the cheap


Don’t forget about Brandon Marshal is pretty cheap, and should have a good season.


DOUG BALDWIN. Golden Tate. Jamison Crowder. Willie Snead. Emmanuel Sanders. Mike Gillislee.


Frank Gore is a Gen 3 synth, so I’m pretty sure they live forever. I’d pencil in 12 more years at RB12