Veto or not to Veto

I’m the commissioner in a league with absolute veto power. The trades are usually fine, but this one came across this morning that just seems bad all around:

It’s a full PPR, redraft with two keepers. Joe Mixon and DeAndre Hopkins for Jamison Crowder and Jamaal Charles. I have never vetoed a trade just because it seems like a bad deal but this is a situation where not just one of the parts of the trade is unbalanced but I think both are. One team is getting a better RB and a better WR for trading a worse RB and a worse WR… and it doesn’t seem that close to me. Thoughts?

I generally don’t believe in vetoing… I would like to think there is a reason the player trading those two players.

I would veto.

I don’t think you can veto that. It doesn’t appear to be collusion or even that unfair. Crowder finished ahead of Hopkins last year, and maybe one person feels that Bernard and Hill will keep Mixon’s value low while Charles could get a starting role if CJ gets hurt. It may not be a great trade for the person getting rid of Hopkins, but I don’t think you can veto an honest trade because you disagree with their reasoning for making the trade.

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