Veto or not to Veto?

I’m the commissioner in a league with absolute veto power. The trades are usually fine, but this one came across this morning that just seems bad all around.

Team A receives: K Pitts & Antonio Brown.

Team B receives: A Green, Hunter Henry & J Waddle.

I have the mentality that you shouldn’t veto a trade but I think team A is taking advantage of team B.

Team B is their year playing fantasy, Team A is a Veteran player.

Thank you for your feedback!!

Moving it to the top.

As a fellow commissioner, I personally would not veto the trade.

While team A could possibly be taking advantage of team B, that is part of the fantasy game.

However, Pitts has had 1 game worth anything all year and AB has been a good WR2. Green & HH has been pretty solid overall and Waddle has been hit or miss.

Imho, this isnt a bad trade. This would be different if it was Pitts for all 3.

As long as it seems that both owners are attempting to improve their teams–even if one may be more skillful at it than the other–no veto is warranted.