Veto’s when a team is giving up?

There is a player in my league that has made questionable trades about every year. He usually sells his high assets for pennies, many times to the same owner… he is currently 1-5 and gave up his rb 1 and wr1 for pennies within 1 hour. It’s just really suspect. What are your thoughts?

Sounds shady to me as well. Do you guys all know each other?

In any FF platform the commishioner should be able to veto or override trades. If he’s not doing something about it you have 2 problems.

We do know each other. All friends. This guy has some form of mix between not caring a whole lot & not having a gauge of a objectively fair trade, so he seemingly gets screwed in trades a lot. Or, he just doesn’t care that much

In my league we vote on all trades to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Not for the purpose of vetoing trades where it seems like one person got killed, but to prevent collusion which it seems like might be the case here

Well that’s my problem. I know most fantasy expert say that vetoing shouldn’t be a thing. But in this situation it kind of smells fishy. the commissioner is involved in the trade. It is a redraft league

Could you explain how that works? How do you vote? Can you literally just say I don’t like this trade and vote against it?

So we have a group message and the commissioner sends out the trade. League members reply with yes or no. Our league is 12 teams. So it would take at least 6 “yes” votes for trade to pass

99% of the time it’s a really quick process and trade goes through without a hitch

Experts are against league vetoes because there’s a tendency to micromanage every transaction’s fairness, which is pointless when egregious stuff can just be snuffed out by a decent commish. What was the trade?

Exactly. Our league basically never vetoes a trade, but shady stuff like this doesn’t happen in our league. If a trade like what is mentioned above happened in ours, it would be vetoed

Ok, so the same manager traded away (within 1 hour) Thielen for Shady&AP. The second one he traded away Lev for Lindsay & Brees. This guy always has trades like this. He’s very loose

Yuck. Either have the commish squash it or find new friends :grimacing:

Don’t think you can veto either. Are they great, no. But if he’s RB needy the first one might have made sense to him. If he’s QB needy the second one makes sense.

Hold up. The commishioner is on the receiving end of the questionable trades???

Quit that fucking league!

So those trades aren’t that egregious given how those players have performed this year that as the commish of my league I would veto. Not knowing the total team makeup for both teams adds another level of uncertainty. That said I do see a clear winner and understand your concern if it happens every year. As a commish I hold myself to an even higher standard when it comes to trades as I have sole veto power in my league. That is because I agree with the experts point of view, most trades are in the eye of the beholder. I would only veto something completely nuts like CMC for Lindsay straight up. If your commish is on the receiving end of these trades every year you need to have a league vote next year to find a new commish or start a new league yourself and invite everyone else.

Trades at face value (I.e. player x for player y) should not be the sole determination as to whether a trade is “fair”. If the trade increases both teams chances of winning then the trade has fair value regardless of the players involved.

The players mentioned in the two deals is not egregious imo, but without knowing each team roster, league type (ppr), starting roster, bench positions, IR slot, standings, etc, its difficult to give an objective assessment.

A well positioned league would allow/encourage owners to discuss scenarios amongst each other under the guiding principle that the integrity of the league is always first and foremost.

If the commish is unwilling or unable to remove his team owner hat, from time to time, and put on his team commish hat then I’d say it’s time to make some changes.

Commish isn’t a shady guy, but he usually gets the best of this guy in trades, yes.

So you would veto? I agree, they aren’t horrendous, but he is always selling his main guys for pennies. And most people in the league are aware that they can do that to him. Commish got Julio from him earlier in the year too

I agree, they arent horrendous, but this guy is always making these kinds of trades. They’re never objectively fair for each team. He could benefit from it, but there’s a clear winner usually. My biggest issue is that he sold his top 2 assets within an hour the other day at 1-5. It was just suspect to me. I have discussed with the commish my concern that he is tanking.