Veto this trade with Zeke playing?

I trade was accepted in my league yesterday:
Woodhead and Morris for Amari Cooper

A few people in the league think this should be vetoed with the news that Zeke is playing this week. I’m unsure since the team that is getting Morris and Woodhead understood the risk. I’m torn. Thoughts?

No it shouldn’t be vetoed. The news was that he could still possibly get to play Sunday. He is going to get suspended next week.

That is what I’m thinking. He SHOULD still miss time this year. I’m ok with the trade I think.

To me it shouldn’t be veto’d. Just as everyone who drafted Elliott drafted with risk, every trade involving him assumes a level of risk. This should be weighed carefully on each end of each trade and you must live with the decision you make.

Agreed. I’m not vetoing is, but we’ll see what everyone else does. The guy who agreed to take Morris and Woodhead obviously knew the risk. It’s not like the ruling hasn’t been overturned before.