Veto Trade as Commissioner?

My buddy, who is 3-6, has accepted a trade where he would send LeSean McCoy and Alshon Jeffrey from a 7-2 team who would send him Julio Jones, Delanie Walker, Dereck Henry, and Adrian Peterson. The 7-2 team also has Hunt, Fournette, M Thomas, Wentz/Brees, Jimmy Graham, and Funchess. Walker, Henry, and Adrian Peterson are essentially bench players for the 7-2 team. I think if the trade went through that the 7-2 team would win the championship (he’s also won the past two seasons).

Is this trade fair and as commissioner, am I in my right to veto it? I’ve asked the league and almost everyone thinks it’s OK but wouldn’t care if I vetoed it. What do I do?

Thats a fair trade. Just becasue he is trading away bench players doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable. If it was McCoy and Jeffrey for Julio and Peterson it would be fair, but the better team is giving up more. Peterson is the starter ROS barring injury becuase DJ isn’t coming back and Julio is I think the best WR in the NFL, maybe not fantasy. And McCoy hasn’t been that great this year outside of 2 or 3 weeks (he put up 2 last week(, I expect big things going forward (especially because I have him in 2 leagues).

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Yep, this trade looks fair to me. You can’t look at the individual rosters and base the trade on bench vs starters. It is a good question though, my league complains all the time over this kind of stuff, but I say good job to the 7-2 player for having all that depth to offer a bunch of players for the 1 player he wants.

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Okay, thanks guys. I also didn’t think this was that fair of a trade regardless of the players involved being bench players. I don’t think AP is great, Henry is in a timeshare with Murray, Walker is OK (he already has Witten, though), and Julio is good but he hasn’t been unbelievable as some wide receivers. I’m afraid my buddy is just taking the name with Julio, but then again, if he wants to make that trade and he thinks it’s fair, so be it, right?

I traded Kamara away for Julio in one league. Julio should start having bigger weeks

Though it may create a juggernaut I don’t think it is vetoable.