Vetoed Trade BS

I was going to get Kelce, Jefferson, and Hopkins, and give away Tyreek, and Patterson. Both myself and the other person in the trade agreed that it was fair, so the trade was accepted.

Well, the trade got vetoed… TWICE because people don’t want us to win and succeed. I’m so frustrated with that setting. I think it just ruins fantasy football, but in other aspects, it’s used correctly.

I just feel like as long as there aren’t trades that consist of bad bench players, defenses and kickers for great people, trades should go through.

Little rant for the day.

Also, what should I do moving on from this? I think if I try to trade with that other team in the future, the trades will get vetoed. How do I remedy this?

Unfortunately, until the league settings are changed from trade voting, there is not much you can do outside of joining another league.

You can always try to get the league to vote to take away trade voting.

Apart from what Reces said above I would also try talking to the commissioner about the trade and explain to him maybe he makes an exception or makes the choice to remove the vote. What I try to focus on when I talk to my commish about it is how unfair the voting system is and less about the trade I want pushed through. I wish you luck my friend

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is the Jefferson in that trade JUSTIN or VAN? If it’s Van, i understand it a little more and think its closer to even, but if it’s Justin than i think it’s actually way too skewed in your favor. You’re riding off the coattails of patterson’s huge game (nothing wrong with that of course) but if i was other members in your league i’d be pretty salty about that about that too.

Just saying lol

This is clearly not a fair trade but still not a reason to veto.

@Mike_Honcho @jtess72 @Tenzuuh @recespieces31 Thank you everyone. To be completely fair, the guy who I’m trading with thinks that he is fleecing me (winning the trade handsomely), so he feels like he’s getting more than what he actually is. That also doesn’t mean that people think the same why. I tried talking to the commish before noon my time (because I wanted said players before noon) but no dice

People’s view of who’s winner/loser of the trade is immaterial. It’s all subjective. No trade should ever be vetoed unless there is clear evidence of collusion/tanking/etc. going on.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be much you can do about it except leaving the league. If the commissioner isn’t willing to communicate and the other league mates fall in line, seems like your SOL. Hope not tho!

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