Vetoed Trade. Fair or not?

I traded Tyson Williams and Corey Davis for Saquon. The commish vetoed this. What are your guys thoughts?

Sounds like you need a different league with a competent Commish.


You need a new league/commish. Trades shouldn’t be veto’d.


Really no trade should be veto’ed. If you can work another person to get a better deal then that’s part of the game too. I don’t think this trade is unfair if both parties liked it. I can see where a commish would veto it thinking he is ‘keeping things even’. That’s not his job. Find a league that lets owners do what they want yet also has a full complement of skilled players.


Agreed. Even initially lopsided trades can suddenly be trades the loser wins. I don’t think it’s a commish place to make decisions for my team. If I’m or a league mate is making a bad move that’s just too bad.

It’s also a dangerous situation where 11 teams could find lopsided trades veteod but the commish ones will always go through.


Plus sometimes you get in a situation where you need a win this week and are willing to give up more for a match up you like.

You over paid tbh but shoulnt have been vetoed

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Yeah he definitely shouldn’t have made a decision like that without atleast discussing it with everyone